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Help Guide

Download MP3 Ringtone files from this website domain by right-clicking on the download button and select ‘Save as Target’. Once the file is on your computer, you can choose to send the file via bluetooth from your computer to your mobile phone. You can also connect your mobile phone to your computer via USB and transfer the files. You can send mobile content to your cellular device by either USB, SMS or Bluetooth transfer.

The website terms of service is as follows: Downloading mobile content directly from this website domain will NOT incur any changes, however participating in ‘advertisement’ offers or ‘sponsored listing’ offers will incur monthly charges. These monthly charges are billed to you by the advertiser and NOT this website. This website is supported by advertisements on the site which are either labeled as ‘advertisers’ and/or ‘sponsored listings’. Engaging and/or participating in advertisements might result in you paying for services. Please read carefully any advertisements you choose to participate in. You will need to contact advertisers directly if you subscribe to any services as a result in participating in an advertisement and you wish to cancel those services. Please do not contact this website regarding YOUR OWN participation with advertisers. Advertisers do not charge you for services unless you allow them to by opting into their offer. Advertisers usually provide confirmation text messages that you need to acknowledge, approve, and confirm prior to the advertiser charging you for services. Information on how to contact advertisers is typically found on your mobile phone bill, email correspondence, confirmation text messages or is displayed on the advertisers website under a contact us or about us link. Look for those links at the bottom of the advertisers website.

Ringtones can be uploaded in in MP3 format. It is best to keep audio files small in size, or less than 30 seconds in order for those files to download quickly onto your mobile phone.

Download User-Generated Content
Downloading mobile content is easy. After you have logged in, locate the file you want to download and click the red Download to PC button. A window will then appear confirming the file download. Accept the confirmation, and begin downloading. This feature works on both PC and Mac computers.

Mobile Phone Compability
Due to the vast array of mobile phones on the market, we can not positively guarantee that downloading content to your mobile phone will successful 100% of the time. There are many file size and file type restrictions placed on mobile devices that prohibit the downloading of all content types. The best approach is to follow the star rating to view which files are the most widely downloaded by users, as well as reviewing the most popular user-generated content. These files are being accessed by most users in the and might prove to be the most compatibile with your mobile phone.

As stated in the terms of service disclaimer, you will not be incurring any charges for using the website. Participating in premium mobile content offers will incur charges. Premium mobile content offers are labeled as ‘Sponsored Listing’ or ‘Advertisement’.

Downloading a Free Ringtone File
To download a free ringtone file, right click with your mouse on the button titled ‘Free File Download’. A download window will appear, and select ‘save’. If you are using the Firefox web browser, the right click option will be ‘Save Link As’.

Sending Ringtone File to your Phone

Most mobile phones include a USB cable which can be connected to your mobile phone. Simply drag and drop the file to your mobile phones ‘Media Library’ section.

Most mobile phones include a docking station for charging your mobile phone and which is connected to your computer/laptop. Access your mobile phone through your computer and download the free ringtone file to your mobile phone.

Most mobile phones include a technology known as ‘bluetooth’. It’s the same feature used to connect your wireless headset. Additionally, most laptop computers also include this bluetooth technology. Simply access your mobile phone via Bluetooth from your laptop, make a connection, and send the free ringtone file to your mobile phone.

As previously stated, participating in premimum mobile content services will incur charges. However, these premium mobile content services eliminate the need for having to manually transfer files between your computer and mobile phone. Transferring ringtone files on your own prevents mobile content charges, as well as having free access to the most recent and popular ringtones.