Free Ringtones – How To Get Them

Free Ringtones – How To Get Them

The cellphone has revolutionized communication

Thanks this it, we are never out of reach for others, we are always available as long as we carry our cellphones. The cellphone has also changed some others things we do. As a result of these phones and the ability to text message we now spend more time typing a message to our contacts then we do talking to them. This may seem a bit backwards but as the result of a phone we now spend more time typing and less time talking. Another trend that has spurred out of the cellphone environment is ringtones; these are the sounds the phone makes when it rings. It is even possible to have free ringtones sent to your phone via the computer.

It used to be that the only way you could reach someone was through an old style land line phone. You would have to dial the people we desired to contact and speak into the phone, or we could mail them a letter, but this would take up to a week for them to get. Modern communication consists of land line phones, which are almost obsolete, cell phone, text messaging, emails, twitter, facebook, MySpace, and many other methods of communication.

As a result of all of these methods we can now spend more time in contact with those people that are important to us.

This has made the world a much smaller place. Other things have changed as well.

There was a time when phones made one noise, and we had no control over the sound they made, in fact on some phones we could not even change how loud they made that sound. This has changed also; we can now program our phones to make virtually any sound we desire. They can sing to us, sound like a bird, mimic a dog or any animal for that matter or play any combination of tones that we desire.

These sounds that emanate from our phones are referred to as ringtones. These ringtones are not only programmable but our phones can have many different tones and each tone can be programmed to ring when a particular person calls. We can have one sound for when the boss is calling and another when the girlfriend is calling.

Typically these ringtones are available for a fee, but there are some services that offering free ringtones to cell phone users. To access ringtones you can do this by downloading them directly to your phone or you can elect to have them downloaded from the internet to your PC.

From your PC you can transfer them to your phone. Many people will elect to use the later since it ends to be less expensive. In many cases the cell phone service will treat the download as a text message and charge for each text message.

If you desire free ringtones then there are several online sources that you can select. Some of the sites are membership driven. This means that the ringtones that are available free are uploaded by other users and you can access these free downloads by joining this membership. These memberships usually charge a small fee. There are also new ways to access free tones coming available so it is a good idea to keep your eye open for these opportunities.